We’re thrilled to be hosting visiting Reiki master, Virginie Claret

We’re thrilled to be hosting visiting Reiki master, Virginie Claret, throughout April and May. Michele first met Virginie at the Aman resort in the Himalayas and was inspired by her healing capacity, knowledge of the body’s historical trauma and skill in mind-body medicine.

About Virginie

Highly skilled at assessing the Chi- Life energy, Virginie is a Reiki master of exceptional intuition, a graduate of the Harner Shamanic Foundation and of the Institut für angewandte Intuition in Zürich. She is also a licensed massage therapist with a strong background in medical studies.

Her sessions integrate and combine the medical knowledge acquired in her native Switzerland with the ancient and eternal ways of spiritual healers she met on her life journey.

Fond of the beauty and philosophy of the Aman resorts, she collaborates regularly as a healing arts professional in their spas worldwide. She also works privately as a healer in Switzerland and abroad. If you would like to meet her in person please connect with us here to book a session.

Complementary Mind-Body Treatments:

Balancing Journey

Using Reiki as well as gentle massage strokes combined with acupressure and trigger points therapy, Virginie assesses Ki -flow and releases blockages within the body, restoring balance and inducing a deep state of relaxation.

Recovering Journey

Physical injuries and surgeries damage the energy network within the body and can prevent a total recovery. This treatment combines Virginie’s medical expertise with body and energy work to help dissolve scar tissues, alleviate side effects and rejuvenate the body.

“Virginie is a unique healer with a rare insight to the body’s historical trauma. She sees pathways to healing through the deepest layers. You will be changed by her work, visibly, tangibly changed. “

Nadiya Nottingham, New York City


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